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Evident Ink is an editing house, resident online at

Nancy Smay, lead line editor at EI, has an English degree from UCLA and has been editing for more than two decades, beginning her professional career with publisher Harcourt Brace. Over those 20 years, she worked across industries – in marketing, healthcare, wine, fitness, technology and defense – always in a writing and editing capacity. While working as an employee much of the time, she began freelance editing for fiction and non-fiction in 2004.

Today, she and Dawn Alexander are the lead editors at EI, and together they have worked with more than one hundred authors, most of the them indie, and many of them chart-toppers and list makers.

As Delancey Stewart, Nancy has written more than 20 romance novels, been published by Harlequin, Entangled and Penguin Random House, and continues to publish independently.

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